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Lucifer and I

This CD is our first effort into the world of published music. Hopefully it will take off and will lead to others even better than it. It is a concept album, which means that the entire CD tells one story. This goes in the format of other great concept albums, like Dream Theater's METROPOLIS PART 2: SCENES FROM A MEMORY and Pink Floyd's THE WALL. Our CD is a musical journey into a man's life and his trials and consequences. It is loosely based on Dante's Inferno and also END OF DAYS, starring the greatest movie star of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The story opens with a young boy seeing his family murdered in front of him. He goes to a "religious orphanage", a nunnery, if you will. When he gets back into the real world 20 years later, he is bitter at the way he was treated in the orphanage and is questioning his religion. Through all this, he doesn't realize that he is the Chosen One, sent for mankind to fight Lucifer. Lucifer seeks him out trying to offer him his family back in exchange for his soul, but our hero is not swayed.

He curses Lucifer for bringing this painful memory back up and will not give in. He stands against Lucifer and fights him. We don't have a specific ending yet, but that will be forthcoming.

Dante's Inferno