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"I'm tired of people saying that the world owes them something. The world owes you nothing. It was here first."
~ Mark Twain

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Dave. Here you will be thrown into my life and learn what is like to be me. Enjoy the ride!

I've had the music bug for a while now, and all my efforts and dreams are finally coming into real life with this project. I got a pretty good life outside of my music as well. I've got a great girl, I work for a great company in Progressive Insurance and I golf, which you can see in the pic to the right. What could better than that?

I come from Cleveland, live in Mayfield Heights, and graduated from college at Kent State University. Pretty boring life in the heartland here, but it keeps me busy. I listen to all kinds of music, from metal to classic rock to techno. It helps me stay grounded, plus it gives me a kick ass CD collection.

Most of my time now is devoted to being a newly-wed and learning the ins and outs of the insurance bidness. The wife's name is Jenny. She rocks almost as hard as I do. But not quite as hard. But she does make some mean stir-fry. Hot damn.

As for musically, I've always liked music, from day one. I have a vast collection of CD's, from A - Z, and now I've started playing the guitar. I started in December 1999 and I've jumped right in to this project with my old buddy Nick. So far it's working out well. Hopefully it will lead to better things after this project.

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