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Nick's Bio

Into the mind of the artist formerly known as Bun.

Nick was born and raised on the "mean streets" of Parma, Ohio. Yep, Parma, Ohio, the only town around here where a 5'8", 110 lb. kid can think he's a badass.

In high school, Nick started playing the guitar, as it was a lifelong dream. He didn't start working on getting good until he started playing with another guitarist who just kicked his ass, Jim Jeffrey. Nick learned a lot from him. "That's my advice for any starting guitarist: find someone else to jam with."

Throughout high school, Nick worked on his skills and began writing original material. The music bug didn't hit him in full swing until after he graduated from high school. With home studio recording being much more common, he began writing in the hopes of making an album. That's where the idea for LUCIFER AND I came from.

Other than music, Nick enjoys golf, tennis, getting his munch on and spending time with friends. When he isn't doing something he wants, he's working at UPS loading the trailers.

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Here's Nick, looking dapper as usual, on graduation night 1998. Apparently, he was REAL happy to get out of school. Or maybe he just had the hots for the cameraman. We may never know.