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Check here often for breaking news in the lives of Nick, Dave and Joe.

The rumors around town are indeed true. Midnight Specter has not only been signed by a recording company, but have entered the studio. We are recording at a facility called Dungeon Studios and have been signed by Unsanctioned Baptism Records. Both are up and coming businesses and should put out some good material in the future.

Our first 2 studio tracks, which are to be the second and third tracks on the album, are nearing completion. We are only waiting for the bass parts to be recorded. After that comes mastering, and our first 2 songs will be done. We have also laid the foundation for our third studio track, which will be the sixth song on the album.

Unfortunately, school and work have brought recording to a screeching halt. We are still working on the music, but getting together to record it has become somewhat of a problem. But fear not kiddies, we will soon be rolling again and recording for the purposes of your entertainment. Check back soon!